Tuesday, March 1, 2011

QR codes

This image is from the first day of the Learning@School conference in Rotorua, snapped quickly on my iPhone. Allanah has had a pair of earrings made with QR codes on them. Reading them with the iPhone was almost impossible as she kept giggling and jiggling. People must have wondered what we were all doing with Allanah on the floor right at the entrance of the conference centre with Erin scanning her earlobes.


  1. Too much fun really. I wore them today to share with @aussietony.

    I am getting quite adept at holding my breath!

  2. I would have thought it was normal behaviour for Erin? haha. Funny. Not that much easier on Allanah's avatar either!

  3. It was a wee camera jungle with much laughing. All good fun.