Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A poem by my daughter

To whoever this may concern

Flowers in her hair
She acts she doesn't care
Reality comes back

She sits at school
Acting cool
Reality comes back

When she gets home
She turns off her phone
Reality is there

She tries to fight it
It doesn't leave
Reality is there

Scars on her wrists
Pain in her eyes
Reality is there and
Not leaving her side

She sits at home
All alone
Thinking why, why?
Reality still survives

The next day
She was gone
Reality's back
... and moving on ...

1 comment:

  1. Woooooo,
    It has taken me a while to reflect on this before I comment....
    What an incredible way you have with words... the images are etched in my mind! The emotions are wrapping around my heart.....
    Ohhhh to be so insightful... to see the hurt, feel the hurt, be there for the hurt!
    Life can be a traumatic and beautiful journey!
    Thank you for sharing this very powerful piece....
    Anne K