Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 3 - San Francisco

Day 2 sort of disappeared with travel and jetlag, so here is day 3.

I had a fabulous day. I started with trip to Rene's school and had a look around in an American elementary year 1 classroom, it was pretty cool. They were doing the daily 5 cafe like a lot of my NZ teacher friends are doing at the moment. The students started the day coming together as a whole school community, pledging allegiance, and then having a talk about a 'life skill' very similar to our key competencies.

Next we went to a farmers market where I tried out a tamale which I quite like. So that is one food I can tick off my list.

I then caught the ferry from Alameda to San Francisco and went on a hop on hop off tour of the city. It was a fabulous way to get a feeling for the place. I got off at Union Square and went to the Apple store (off course) and Macys. My next stop was Haight Ashbury to check out Amoeba music and the alternative stores. I then got off at China town for a walk through. I was a little disappointed as it seemed to be just a street full of tourist shops and I thought it would have a more authentic feel. Golden Gate Bridge revealed itself in all its glory, the fog cleared just for me.

And to end the day I tried a pretzel. Not at all what I imagined. It is basically just a bread bun with rock salt on top. A lovely ride home on the ferry rounded off the trip.

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  1. I am loving this tour vicariously! What a wonderfully adventurous day! What did you but at the apple store???
    Anne K