Saturday, August 25, 2012


I've just repapered my daughter's bedroom wall and the stripes were calling out to be used as a backdrop. As always no one in my house would volunteer to be my model so I had to do it myself. I then played with some Photoshop actions I had downloaded. What did you do with your Saturday?


  1. I've been busy finalising a blog I've been putting together about a walk I did in France in April-May. I 'should' have been in the garden weeding since it was so sunny- but I wanted to finish this instead. (nearly there...)

  2. Had brunch on 7th E Street East Village New York, then to Wall Street and to the 9/11 Memorial
    Mexican evening meal downtpwn and a movie at night. Great catching up with our eldest son, Paul and his wife ewa here in New York.
    Richard Oliver

  3. Hi Jane, Love the stripes... and the photos. I like the middle shot best - you look happiest in it - I know they are all the same but the colouring is happier for me!
    I was at Sumner beach on Saturday exeriencing the sun and the beach on one side of the causeway and the devastation on the other!