Thursday, April 1, 2010

Los Angeles - Celebrity encounters

LA is the land of celebrities and wannabe celebrities. I wasn't really paying much attention or looking out for them, I was just taking in the city. So today was an interesting day.

I met this lovely girl, Sasha, on the bus trip yesterday, a fellow Perth girl who has been living in Ireland. We arranged to meet down at Venice Beach and spend the day together. I walked to the end of Venice Beach and sat down on a post near the beach to wait for her. There was a man and some kids playing with a frisbee. I sat there in the sun contentedly until the frisbee nearly took my head off. I exclaimed, 'you're trying to kill me'. The man apologised and explained he would have let me know if I was going to be decapitated. I took another look and I was talking to 'Greg Brady' (Barry Williams).

Sasha and I decided to go up to Sunset Strip to have a look around. On the way we stopped at 'Hooters' (just to see what all the fuss was about) and then continued on to the Strip. We had a drink at Carney's Diner and while there a man walked in with a Spinal Tap tshirt on. Now since I had just made the pilgrimage to Stonehenge as a Tap fan, we made a comment on his shirt. Turns out the shirts were only made for crew and we were talking to two of the people who shot the film. (This will only be impressive to Tap fans)

This photo above was our last celebrity sighting for the day. We stopped at the Red Rock Cafe for another drink and sitting in the corner with his manager and some other guy was Christopher McDonald. They were discussing his next movie and we watched him sign the contract. Was a rather surreal experience. The photo above is Sasha with Christopher in the background because, being Australian, we couldn't let on that we had encountered someone famous. You know we don't go in for that sort of thing :).

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