Friday, April 30, 2010

An old shed

I took a lot of lovely images today but I can't post any of them as they are of children. I did a shoot out at Outram School to grab some images for the NZC Online website, and also for a video in production. CORE Education has a new project called Book Talks where authors are 'beamed' into the classroom using Skype. Today Craig Smith, the author of Wonky Donkey talked to a class at Outram School and I was lucky enough to go along and film the whole thing. Was very exciting to see kids interacting with the author of a book they loved.

Anyway, this is the image I can post. In my hectic day, on the drive back from the school I pulled over and took a quick snap of this old shed. I didn't even get out of the car to get a good angle as I should have. So this is the slacker's snap.


  1. I just realised that I didn't post a photo yesterday but I took one. I had better leap into action and hopefully no-one will notice.

    My kids think Wonky Donkey is their favourite.

  2. Craig Smith even broke out his guitar and sang the song to the kids. The expression on their faces was priceless! You can find out more info at the new website