Tuesday, March 16, 2010

London - Day 1

Well I haven't got to see much of London yet. I arrived last night around 8pm and after catching a cab (yay, have now been in a London taxi cab so can cross that off the list) arrived at my hotel in the dark. Spent the night in a tiny (that is an under exaggeration) room where I could touch each wall and hardly fit in the bathroom!! The next morning I was off to meet Christina for our trip out to Brentwood to start work so I walked the one block to Paddington Station and had my first experience of the underground.

I never knew it was so huge under the ground! You walk down this tiny hole in the ground and I expected, well I don't know what I expected, but not the cavernous underground city that awaited me. It was another new experience and I think I watched the entire population of Dunedin rush past me on their ways to trains as I waited to meet up with Christina at Liverpool Street Station.

I stood still for about half an hour people watching and it was fascinating. This stream of humanity rushing through gates and then all funnelling into different tunnels for different trains. It was a constant rush of colour and sound. It is these little differences that I appreciate when experiencing another culture.