Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday in London

I had a nice day wandering around London today. The top photo is the stair case of 123 steps down to the central line underground which I have been catching everyday. I take the stairs up and down rather than the lift. I'd like to say it is to be healthy but it is really about my dislike of being crammed into a small space with a multitude of people I don't know to go hurtling up or down through the centre of the earth's crust.

I met Christina and we went for a wander around the Sunday markets down Petticoat and Brick lanes. They are massive! And there are some really cool, trendy and unusual things on offer.

After the markets I decided to jump on one of the hop on hop off tourist buses and take a guided tour around London. I got off at the National Gallery and, wow, what an extensive gallery! I saw Constable's Cornfield, Van Gogh's sunflower, and Monet's Japanese bridge over his waterlilly pond. I thought I had seen all there was to see in Paris, but the collection here was amazing. Rembrandt, Bellini, Reuben etc... wow. It was interesting to see how all the women painted in that time period were in various states of undress and weighed much more than what society paints as ideal these days. Oh well... Sunday in London, lovely.

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