Thursday, March 18, 2010

London - Who knows what day it is, I've lost all track now

I have spent the last couple of days in Brentwood shooting a digital story at Sawyers Hall College. They have a magnificent story about triumph over adversity and I'm looking forward to editing the footage.

I caught the train back to London and found my hotel in Leinster Gardens near Hyde Park. It is another small room but clean and neat and in a lovely part of London. Today I walked down to look around Harrods. It is something you have to do I suppose when in London. The building was lovely but it really is just a department store (oops wash my mouth out).

Christina and I then found a nice English pub to do some work in. I have found an English beer that I like called John Smith, and it is even served cold!

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  1. We had a small coke in Harrods £3- had to put pur backpack in security- £4. Total utter rip off.