Friday, March 19, 2010

London - Day 3 ish

Today I caught the tube to the Embankment station to meet with Christina and do some work at a nice little cafe on the Thames. I was quite excited because I could cross off quite a few of the iconic London touristy things today in this area. I went for a walk and found Big Ben and the houses of Parliament. It is a funny area because there is old architecture with new architecture scattered throughout.
This picture has the double decker buses (couldn't help thinking about Harry Potter for some reason) with St Pauls Cathedral and the Gherkin in the background.

I had a look at the London Eye but I had no desire to take a ride in it. I was amazed by all the trails through the sky by the numerous planes flying high overhead. I actually captured an image where two planes look like they are about to collide.
And lastly, the Tower Bridge. I learnt today that London Bridge and the Tower Bridge are two different bridges! Didn't know that :) However the highlight of my day was attending 'Classical Spectacular' at the Royal Albert Hall and sat in one of the boxes. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra were outstanding and the night was great. All very British!


  1. I have just been catching up with your photos. Wow what fantastic Photo ops you are having, loved the ones in Paris!

  2. Your shots are making me really homesick. Beautiful -very envious:-)

  3. I didn't fancy mucking about on the EYE either. I was thinking so much of Charles Dickens when I managed to snap this one without a lot of 21st century clutter View look towards Westminster