Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paris day 3

Well my last day in Paris has come along. My aim today was just to have no aim and to wander aimlessly around the streets. This was a treat. In the morning I found a street - Rue de mouffetard, which was the quaint, romantic little Parisian street of my imagination. There were beautiful little shops and street markets with people walking around with baskets full of bread sticks. I thought I would take photos today of things that were iconic for me while in Paris. The first photo above depicts the bikes that are available all over Paris. Apparently people pay a yearly fee and they can use their card to unlock a bike from any location and ride it to another.

While I was out wandering, I heard the sound of Jazz music and went to investigate. These two were playing their music in the middle of one of the bridges across the Seine. It was a magical experience.
I took this photo of the chairs because, as someone living in NZ or Australia we are used to our space. All the cafes have the chairs crammed next to one another with no personal space at all. It is also interesting how they line them up outside the cafe and people sit in a line with their coffee or wine watching the world go past.
I had to take a last photo of the Eiffel Tower...

And lastly, my last glass of wine before heading to the Gare de Nord to catch the Eurostar to London... A very tasty bordeaux.

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  1. The Eiffel Tower like the bridge in San Francisco just aches to have its photo taken.