Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paris day 2 - art everywhere

I went for a walk to find the modern art museum and found this man on the way. He had created this huge work of art on the footpath and was mumbling to himself as he slid around it adding parts. He had a lovely little dog wrapped up in his pile of belongings on the path. It is interesting to see everyone with dogs here. They walk through the shopping mall with them. It is not strange to see a woman looking at designer label clothing in a high end store with a dog in tow! And it is not strange to see a homeless person huddled against the cold cuddling with their dog. I'm see lots of juxtapositions. Today's photos are around the theme of art that I've noticed with the old contrasting with the new.

It is amazing how well dressed everyone is in Paris, they all look like they have stepped out of a vogue photo shoot. I feel considerably underdressed :). For the first time ever while on holiday I got up in the morning and thought I better put on a full face of makeup! And the men are so stylish, with as many different looks as the women, and they are willingly shopping !!

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