Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 1 - Paris

Part two of my adventure begins. 

I left San Francisco at 9:30pm at night and arrived ten hours later in Paris at 5:00pm the next day. Some how I lost an evening so by the time I eventually went to bed in Paris I had been awake for something like 30 hours. I can be forgiven for my mad eyes and giggles. Jane and I found each other very easily at the airport and after the appropriate squeals of actually being in Paris we caught the bus to the Opera in the city and then a taxi to our apartment. Jane found the apartment on airbnb and it is fabulous! Right in the 2nd arrondissement, near really vibrant cafe culture and very cute. 

As soon as we had settled our things in we went for a walk down the cobble stone streets. It is all so very beautiful around this part and we kept nudging each other with statements of - 'we're in Paris!'

We had dinner at the cafe on the corner of our street, goats cheese and salted caramelised butter sauce - my goodness! It was delicious. Washed down with the wine as suggested by our very helpful waiter. 

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