Wednesday, June 12, 2013

London - Day 2

Today I took a little break from my holiday (ha). All of this walking and site seeing was getting tiring so I spent the day at home recovering until the early afternoon. Then I caught the tube and went for a little wander down Oxford Street to do some window shopping while Jane was at a course. 

Now realise the street decorations are for her mam's birthday

As I was walking along Oxford Street there was some sort of protest walk going on for the G8 summit. It was interesting, there were protestors walking quietly down one side of the street and the other side of the street was completely filled with the same number of Police. Then tagging along behind the police was the media. Looked like a disaster waiting to happen. 

How many busses can you fit in one street?

Jane and I caught up at 5pm at Trafalgar Square and went for a walk to visit the queen. She was home. All the Queen's guards were practicing in St James's Park for her upcoming birthday celebrations which are supposedly on Saturday! Who knew. London will be a zoo. 

The queen was home

We went to Wicked at the Apollo Victoria theatre in the evening. It was a very slick production. I quite enjoyed the new take on the story, it was well done. 

Wicked stage dressing

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