Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 2 - Paris

I'm sitting here and it is 8:15pm. It is still light and I am wondering how it is so late when I am still full of energy. Where did the day go! It was action packed.

We headed off towards the Louvre in the morning and stopped at a cafe for breakfast. Ordering completely in French we felt very clever (we had crepes and coffee).

We came across the Louvre and Jane had the same reaction to it as I did the first time I came across it. Completely breathtaking. It stops you in your tracks. Thank goodness for the Paris pass as there was already a long queue and we walked straight in! We spent about two hours in the Louvre and almost looked everywhere. There is just so much. We kept going until we got weary.

We then jumped on the hop on hop off bus for the 9 stop tour. It was a really good idea as it helped us to see what we wanted to go back to and explore further. We sat at the Arc de Triomphe for quite a while and marvelled at how the traffic works here. It seemed to our untrained eyes to be complete choas but somehow it worked.

Now it is time to go out again for dinner and I must admit I am pooped.

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