Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last day in London

Well the day has come. Our final day to see all that we wanted to see while we were here.

We started with Westminster Abbey. It has amazing history and so many talented and important people buried there, but it is also the place of the last wedding, so of course I imagined that as I walked down the long aisle.

Then Jane and I went separate ways as I went to Tate Modern to indulge myself with Pollock, Mondrian, Picasso and their mates. I then went to the Portrait gallery to see for myself what all the fuss was about the Kate Middleton portrait. It has a rather plain frame and is not hung anywhere very special, it actually looks like an after thought on a wall near the toilets. I didn't realise there were so many Warhols in the portrait gallery though.

Jane and I caught up and went into the National Gallery together and listened to the audio guide about some Reuben paintings which was fascinating, some fabulous works by my favourite, Van Gogh, and some Constable.

We then had a huge dinner at the Sherlock Holmes pub before heading back to our abode.

I thought I would add photos today of things that I particularly noticed and enjoyed while here. One is the very helpful letters on the road telling you which way to look for traffic.

Look Left

The other is the second life we lived while in London, the life that is lived underground.
Life underground
Next stop ... Hong Kong

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