Saturday, June 15, 2013

London - Day 5

We had a very slow start today. I couldn't get to sleep until about 1:30am and then someone rang at 3am. I don't know who because I was very tired and turned off the phone. Soooooo ... we left home about 10:30am heading for the iconic shops - Liberty, Harrods, Carnaby Lane. Following that we walked to the Royal Albert Hall where Jane went to have a look around and I had a lovely snooze under a tree in Hyde Park. The sun eventually came out which was wonderful and we went for a walk through hyde park to find Princess Diana's water slidey memorial water thingy (that's the official term).

So cute!
 We walked from Hyde Park to find Westminister Abbey but instead found that it was past 4pm and everything was closed! So we found a pub instead and tried a Pimms.

Big Ben near Westminster Abbey
 At the pub it occurred to me to try and find some Babycham, which is, apparently, a beverage that my name was derived from. And I found some! In Tescos!

The Babycham Bambi

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