Monday, June 17, 2013

London - Day 7

Today was a rather quiet day. I went into town at about 10am and went to visit the Royal Mews. I thought there would be horses! But alas, no, there were carriages. It was interesting to see all the carriages that the royalty had been using throughout the years though.

Gold State Coach
The Gold State Coach was built in 1762 and is used for grand state occasions such as coronations.

I then went to the Queen's Gallery where there was an exhibition of fashions through the ages as told through portraiture. It was fascinating. The paintings were a sort of fashion magazine of their time, it was how the fashions were circulated throughout the realm. There was even a Rembrandt. Fancy a Rembrandt painting being used as a way to demonstrate the latest in fashion!

Millennium Bridge
The day became very nice by the afternoon and I went for a walk along the Southbank. People were strolling and meeting, and sitting and drinking, and even sitting on the banks of the Thames (ewww I don't think I would sit in that sand, considering the colour of the Thames and the aromas that arise every so often!) But it was a lovely way to end the day. 

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