Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 6 - San Francisco

Another full on day today. We started with a trip to Berkeley which is beautiful. Leafy streets and quirky shops (and an Apple store). I bought a new case for my ipad mini, of course. I had such a good time in Berkeley that it completely slipped my mind to take any photos.

We then went home and my task was to write a work milestone before I could have a treat of another outing. I buckled down and got it over and done with ...

So my treat was to have a look at all the America's cup happenings. The teams are working in a place that was once (I think) a military base and is now a very unloved and derelict area, in contrast to the high tech work going on inside all of the team sheds! 

For dinner we went to the Off the Grid event - a street of 10 or more food trucks with different types of foods to choose from. There was a fantastic festival atmosphere with loud music, children running around and the aromas of food. The thing I noticed was that there is not really a 'Californian look'. The street was teaming with so many different fashions and non fashions, people of all types, shapes, arrangements and a riot of colour. It was a treat to sit with my falafel sandwich and watch the world go by.

This boy obviously didn't enjoy the music as much as I did. Another fabulous day. Thank you so much to Guy and Carolyn for taking me out to the coolest places!


  1. It looks like you are having the most wonderful time, Jane! I am loving the window you are sharing of your trip! :)

  2. Woohoo.... Can't wait to hear how you're enjoying your mini! Bet you went for a funky cover! I am loving mine... Fits so nicely in the handbag which is incredibly important isn't it!!! :)