Monday, June 3, 2013

Last day in San francisco

I had a lovely relaxing last day in Sunny California. The weather has been fantastic and I even have a tan line to show off (on my feet!). There was a sandcastle competition over the road from where I was staying so we took the kids over to have a look. There was a wonderful feel about the whole occasion with adults and kids slaving away over their creations and people wandering up and down to have a look. It was more of a cove than a beach so the creations took advantage of the different colours of sand that could be found by digging down through the layers. I forever marvel at how creative some people can be.

There was a man in the middle of the mass of humanity with headphones on quietly painting the scene as it unfolded around him. In the middle of it all he seemed to be an island of serenity. Such a remarkable moment to contemplate.

Of all the creations this one took my fancy. It summed up my time here in San Francisco. My hosts were marvellous and will be the part of the holiday I value and miss the most. They gifted me with something that kept me company all the way to Paris on the plane - the strains of a song that played over and over in my head - "Firetruck, Firetruck, I want to ride on a firetruck".

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